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Innovation and creativity making us our customers first choice for their individual requirements.

New Product Development

New Product Development is core to Mademoiselle Desserts business, and our dedicated team of skilled, experienced chefs work closely with our customers to develop new initiatives. Throughout the food innovation process, from blue sky proactive or reactive idea generation to product launch, we focus on taste, appearance, presentation and commercial value in order to exceed our customers’ requirements.
We also keep a watchful eye on what is happening within the Foodservice market. We look for indications of change and identify new trends so that we can highlight new opportunities and generate growth for us and our customers. Understanding how consumers’ tastes evolve allows us to continually develop exciting new desserts for our customers – and keep us at the forefront of innovation.
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Like our customer base, our product range and core competencies are diverse and unique.
Our dessert capabilities range from Puddings and Pies, to Cheesecakes and multi layered, hand crafted “Monster cakes”, choose from Crumbles to Brownies, Tarts to Tortes, or opt for our wonderful gooey centred, melt in the middle puddings such as our “Free from Gluten” Fondant.
Our tray-bakes and slices along with our freezer to table range allow us to offer a wide range of choice to fit all menu and customer types. 
Our manufacturing and packaging options enable us to offer whole, pre-cut slices and wedges.
Our portion flexibility includes (but not limited to):



Our Chefs

Nigel Cave

Kirsty Goodjohn

Adam Hayter 


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